Quality Pressure Vessels Manufacturer in India

Pressure vessels are containers used to store and transmit liquids, vapors, and gasses under pressure in general. Its exert equal pressure in all direction on the walls and ends. Pressure vessels are found in almost any shape such as cylinders, spheres, and cones. But the most common design is cylinders which are used everywhere. The pressure vessels are generally used in engineering to store fluids under pressure. There is now a list of Pressure vessels manufacturing companies in India involved in bringing out quality products.


Uses of pressure vessels – The pressure vessels are utilized liquid to store, for example, fluid vapors and gasses under pressure. Major use of pressure vessels is as follows-

  • Pressure vessels are used in storage of chemical in chemical plants.

  • It is used to storage of petroleum products (diesel, petrol etc)

  • It is also used in engine cylinders, industry of refinery, petrochemical, chemical process plants.

Pressure Vessels are a storage tank to the following

  • Water

  • Utilities like fire water, fuel oil etc

  • Feedstock

  • The finished products which are about to be out for shipping to the customers.

  • The unfinished chemical components, petroleum which is yet to go for blending and processing.

Sai Engineering is a leading Pressure Vessels Manufacturer in India who gives utmost importance in the betterment of the quality of the products. The company’s staff monitors the quality of the each product while designing so that the product’s viability stays in the market globally. Since its establishment in the year 2004 has been pressure vessel exporter to countries such as Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and several other countries.


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